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About Us

Turning a need into a Business

I'm a one woman business.  I got started making gloves for my mom's Pembroke Welsh Corgi around 1995. Her dog loved the yellow fuzzy gloves from the hardware store so much

that mom asked me to make her some in white.

I had been making clothing for years but never gloves.

Those first sets were kinda funny looking.

Then my friends at dog club wanted some also. So I made some for them too.

Then my big break into the glove business came when Purina Farms

built their gorgeous show complex near St Louis Mo, in August 2010.

If you have never been there the floors are a very light grey. It soon became apparent there was a problem when the dogs at those first shows couldn't find the gloves in the directed retrieve exercise.

 Those off white gloves blended right into the new light grey flooring.

Most of the flooring in the St Louis area was dark gray, black, or turf in some places.

So many of the dogs couldn't find the gloves, their owners were using, and that was upsetting.

Those same exhibitors, saw that the gloves Mom and I were using

with the brightly colored cuffs were very visible.

So many of those exhibitors asked for my gloves that I decided there might be a real need.

Those same exhibitors asked for bright colors for the cuffs

to match their dogs puppy color, or a theme the dog was named after,

 to match article bags, and even the dogs coat color. 

Then some wanted traditional rib knits cuffs, while others are more into bling colors

Well then, I had to find a catchy name for my company.

I wanted people to know I could make them Just the Right size for their dog.

Then  it came to me that dogs don't need to have left and right gloves

as humans do so I started making  only right gloves.

And there you have it 


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