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The Colors

I try hard to keep the basic colors white, black, red, blue, teal, turquoise, green, pink, hot pink, yellow, orange, and purple in stock. Even the basic colors in the Sparkles as they are very popular. Some colors are a limited edition and will be designated LE and are available until they are used up. As the fabric market follows color trends, I am bound by those trends. So please keep that in mind if you tend to lose gloves or years down the road when the new puppy chews up a glove. 

Colors Available

Custom cuffs, if you don't find the color you want or your dog has a theme, or its article bag has a theme. I do make custom cuffs. To do that we need to talk first. Please call or email me with your thoughts. You can send me a knit fabric there is no extra charge. 

 I no longer am doing any of the woven fabrics, I just am too busy to get them  Just Right. 

You may want to check out the Spoonflower website they have themes, lots of dog breeds. Please call before you order. I can get you a cheaper price. Also, I can assist you in selecting an image/print of the correct size for a cuff. If you have two color articles and want gloves to match we can do that too. Within the website, you will find examples of both. If you have another idea, call me, we can think of something. We also can do micro cuffs for those dogs who like to carry the glove only by the cuff. This gives you some color but also gives you piece of mind that the dog will get a better grip/hold on the glove.

I do try to photograph the colors to show their true shades, and depending on your monitor, especially with the sparkles they can be difficult to photograph and sometimes they look totally different depending on which shade or color is next to them. If you are in doubt I can text you a pic with that color by itself. 

NEW Fabrics for 2022

New Colors for 2022

1. Swirls of Turq and Black sparkle LE

It is shades of teal, white, black, and a touch of royal blue.

2. Fushia over black sparkle LE

3. Teal sparkle 

4. Orchid/Lavender sparkle LE


left to right

1. Navy spandex LE

2. Navy rib knit

3. Dark blue rib knit

4. Royal blue rib knit

5. sold out 

6. Royal blue sparkle

7. Lt blue rib knit

8. Med blue rib knit

9. Bright blue rib knit

10. Lt Blue polka dot spandex LE

Turquoise and Teal

left to right

1. Lt Teal rib knit

2. Dark teal rib knit LE

3. Teal Sparkle 

4. Turquoise stripe rib knit LE

5. Turquoise rib knit

6. Turquoise polka dot spandex LE

7. Turquoise spandex

8. Swirls of Turq and black LE

9. Turquoise sparkle


left to right

1.  Royal purple rib knit

2. Dark purple rib knit

3. Purple Sparkle

4. Purple spandex

5. Orchid /Lavender  sparkle LE

Black White and Gray

left to right


1. Black rib knit

2. White rib knit

3. Black with Sparkles rib knit LE

4. Gray rib knit

5. Black Sparkle 

   (not very sparkly) LE

6. White spandex

7. Black spandex

Orange Yellow and Browns

left to right

1. Sunflower gold rib knit

2. Bright yellow (more intense         yellow than appears) RK

3.Orange rib knit

4. Brown rib knit

5. Copper sparkle LE

6. Orange glow sparkle 

7. Golden spandex LE

8. Orange spandex


left to right

1. Emerald rib knit

2. Emerald sparkle

3. Emerald spandex LE

4. Florescent lime spandex

5. Avocado rib knit LE

6. Lime rib knit

7. Kelly rib knit

8. Hunter rib knit LE

9. Spruce rib knit LE


left to right

1. Red sparkle

2. Red polka dot LE

3. Red spandex

4. Red rib knit

5. Maroon rib knit

6. Maroon spandex LE


left to right

1. Lt Pink rib knit LE

2.Med Pink rib knit

3. Hot Pink rib knit

4. Fushia rib knit LE

5. Fushia sparkle LE

6. Hot pink sparkle

7. Hot pink polka dots LE

8. Flourescent  pink spandex

9. Bubblegum sparkle

Sparkles Set #1

1. Pewter

2. Silver

3. Turquoise

4. Swirl of Turquoise and Black

5. Royal Blue

6. Royal blue w/Silver stars LE

7. Teal 

8. Emerald green

9. Red 

Sparkles Set # 2

left to right

1. Bubblegum

2. Hot pink

3. Fushia

4. Gold over Black (prettier gold in person)

5. Gold

6. Orange Glow 

7. Copper

8. Purple

9. Orchid/Lavender LE

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