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The Glove Gallery

Sparkle dot spandex supplied by customer

Medium flannel

Notice the stiffness and how it will stand

up off the mat for more visibility

Medium flannel

Side view to show thickness

Small flannel fleece without cuffs as this dog only wanted to carry the glove by the cuff. This type of cuff can be made in any color.

Small flannel

Red cotton cuffs

Medium flannel

Border Collie ribbon on cuffs was supplied by customer for a custom look

Sweatshirt Tiny

Cuffs Orchid, Royal blue and Red cotton


Sparkly gold over gold base

Small flannel

Cuffs pink bubblegum sparkle

Custom to the Max

Look carefully at the bag. Dog is holding a mini

version of his glove. I sent the glove to the bag maker and she added it to the bag.

Small flannel

Lime green cotton double band to match an article bag. $6 additional charge for 2 color cuff

Medium flannel

Copper sequins on black spandex. Copper was a special request

Medium flannel fleece

Red sparkle spandex with black trim

Extra $6 charge​


Itty Bitty sweatshirt

Purple sparkle cuffs

Itty Bitty sweatshirt

Bright yellow cotton cuff

Small FF Minnie Mouse_edited.jpg

Medium flannel

Two toned dot spandex cuff with black trim.

Extra $6 for trim

Small flannel

Hot pink sparkle spandex


Sparkly gold over black backing

Med FF Metallic Gold w trim_edited.jpg

Medium flannel

Two tone Navy spandex and Orange sparkle trim.

Extra $6 charge for 2 colors

Small flannel


Cuff less gloves can be made in any size tor those dogs who want to carry the glove by only the cuff.

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