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Customer Testimonials

Got the gloves Friday. They look great. Used them last weekend at a trial. Thanks Lynn 1/25/22

Your gloves arrived yesterday. Love them! They are exactly as I hoped they would be.

Many thanks, Sie Donoghue 1/19/22

I received my gloves. They are awesome. Thank you Stephanie  12/6/21

Received the Utility Gloves today!

Very pleased with them. I have Bouviers and was concerned about which size would be right. The medium fits nicely and my dog, Barron, retrieved them without hesitation! 👍🏻 Janie 12/4/21

My gloves came today😊

They are perfect and I love the bright pink.

I want to thank you so much for taking the time and making the perfect gloves for Rylee.

Thank you,

Karen and Rylee  11/30/21

They arrived today! I absolutely luv them!! 😍 I will put your business cards up at the dog club. thanks a bunch, Libby 10/18/21

Aren't they the perfect shade to go with his eyes?? Love them! Thanks again! Debbie and Shasta 10/13/21

Got my gloves today! They are perfect! Thank you. Nadia 6/12/21

Thank you so much for the beautiful gloves. They go perfectly with my articles and bag. I will definitely be back when my puppy is a little farther along and ready for his own set of gloves. Ariel 3/25/21

Thank you as always. We little-dog people are especially grateful for your work. Judith 3/4/21

The gloves arrived today and I am very pleased with them. I am sure I will be a return customer in the future when my younger dog, who is now starting novice, is ready for utility training. Thank you, Pat  10/26/20

Thank you so very much; they look GREAT! And my girl doesn’t shake them nearly as much anymore… she also has yet to toss one on the way over to me like she does with the other ones. YAY!!

I’ll absolutely tell the ladies at the dog club about you and your gloves!

Thank you again! <3  Olesya 10/23/2020

Just wanted to tell you how much I (not sure of the dog's opinion) love the gloves you made for us. You have to be a very patient person to sew and turn all those fingers and thumbs! I just noticed that you have trained beagles, too! Thanks again. Kitty 4/3/2020

They turned out great I love them. Thanks again for your quality work. Sherri 2/1/2020

Thank you for the awesome gloves and quick turnaround! We’re at a trial this weekend,

 so I’ll give these new gloves at the match tomorrow. Robert 1/10/2020

The gloves came yesterday and i wanted to let you know they are perfect! The size is exactly perfect for my cockers, the weight, perfect and they are beautiful!

I will be ordering another set in the future for sure. And, I can see this becoming an addiction like I have with collars and leashes. So many beautiful choices! Irene 8/11/2019

Winston used his new gloves last weekend at trials - love them.

He earned his 3rd Utility Q for his title on Saturday in style by winning Utility B.

We lost no points on gloves :)Yes - nice clean pick ups.  Susan 6/22/19

Kali Teufel recommends Just Right Gloves: "Love them! My dog doesn't have problems with shaking the gloves but did sometimes have a weak "light" grip with more traditional floppy gloves and would often let them fall out of her mouth when sitting at front the moment she thought I was reaching for them. First session using these new Just Right gloves and she has a much quieter, firmer grip on the glove when retrieving and no premature drops!"

Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the Camo/Hunter's Orange gloves you made for my girl, Corky. They look Fabulous. Almost too nice to put on the floor for her to retrieve!! Can't wait to see her retrieve them proudly!! Thank You for your amazing handiwork. Janet 10/06/2018

I received my gloves in yesterday's mail and they're FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much!! Debbie 7/26/18

I received the gloves yesterday, just in time to use them in a fun match. Willow and I both are delighted with them. Thank you Betsy 1/21/18

They came Saturday! There wonderful. Used the blue pair today. He didn't drop them once. Thanks Charlotte 10/30/17

love, Love, LOVE THE GLOVES! Thank you so much - Judy 10/17/17

Got my gloves today colors are perfect thank you for all your help in picking out the colors Hope they bring me luck in the ring

If not at least we will look good !! Teri 7/13/16

I LOVE the gloves! They are perfect, just what I wanted. I will pass out your cards to friends. It is very hard to find sturdy and smaller gloves for out little dogs. Laurele 5/16/16

Thank you very much fro making them so quickly and getting them out to me.Your gloves are the BEST!!! They are truly beautiful. Anne even created a glove to my specifications, I now have my own pattern. Thank you. Denise NJ 5/15/16

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'EM I got them this morning for all my competition utility students. Pam L 4/30/16

Just Right Gloves are the BEST! Bright white & wash well. Not limp nor floppy which is great for our outdoor trials as they do not disappear into the grass. These gloves also provide a more obvious presence on matted flooring as well. Because they are not floppy dogs are less inclined to shake them like a rag! Anne was a pleasure to work with, as well as instrumental in fabric selections. Turn around time was as promised. I whole-heartily recommend Just Right Gloves. Allison Ca 3/5/16

Beau's new gloves arrived today. They are just perfect, not floppy just the right size

Marianne S small flannel Sept 2015

The gloves are really helping control the shaking of the glove. Sharon R. Border Collie Med flannel.

Snider and I LOVE them. Perfect in every way. So thankful for you and your supreme talents Sandy C. Westie small flannel Aug 2015

The gloves size is perfect and the soft fabric is perfect for this 10yr old with dental issues. Samantha W. PW Corgi small sweatshirt.

I received the gloves and they are PERFECT. The size is "just right". Even better he will retrieve them. Took a year for the dumbell, so this was a pleasant surprise. Harry July 2015

Love the gloves. I especially like that my dog doesn't play with the gloves as they don't flop back and forth. Marcia D med flannel May 2015

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